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Zeta impales Benny hard and deep

Zeta is the code name for a black thruster who happens to own a dick that might pass as a tree trunk and which somehow ends up inside Benny’s mouth first and asshole later, where it gets to pump some warm love juice.

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Greedy butt gets filled

A dude gets on his knees and starts feasting on a cock which nobody would guess can fit in there, as it’s fat and big but real nonetheless, and as soon as it goes inside his ass he realizes how smoothly it can fit in there.

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Real anal pounding in a palace

The prince is having an important dinner with ambassadors from all over the globe, and in this high standing reception he ends up alone with his butler, who offers him a special homemade desert, a blowjob first and then his own asshole for his royalty to relieve his stress.

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